Experts Tackle The Importance Of Cardiorespiratory Fitness


CBC Canada tells us that the AMA wants to encourage putting the cardiorespiratory fitness as a vital sign. Medical practitioners are urged to assess and estimate adults’ CRF rates during routine checkups.

This refers to the individual’s ability to do aerobic exercises. A number of medical studies present strong results that indicate this as a stronger indicator of death risks.

Add Cardiorespiratory Fitness As A Vital Sign, Report From American Heart Association Urges

That’s why the American Heart Association turned to Queen’s University kinesiology Prof. Robert Ross and his team of international experts to review the evidence. Read more… reports that a new statement from AMA spearheaded by Queen’s University professor Robert Ross gives us results determining CRF as an important factor in cardiovascular health.

It is essential as it gives additional information how to manage patients’ health condition.  Aside from giving individuals an idea about their cardiovascular status, higher levels of CRF are associated with improved cases for particular cancer types, surgical risk, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and Type 2 diabetes.

An Exercise In Good Health

Decades of research have shown that CRF is a stronger predictor of mortality than established risk factors such as cigarette smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes, and that low levels of CRF are associated with a high risk of cardiovascular disease, and mortality rates attributable to various cancers. Read more…

Science News says that according to Dr. Ross, an estimation of CRF levels in the medical field is not that difficult – it’s just like when you’re measuring someone’s blood pressure.

The benefits of adding CRF for risk classification is that professionals are given the opportunity to improve patient care and encourage lifestyle modifications that can ultimately lower risk.

An Exercise in Good Health

This research aims to establish the foundation to incorporate cardiorespiratory fitness measurements into standard clinical practice. Read more…

Overall fitness is even challenging for most of us. Incorporating this in existing patients can give them a better chance of living a healthier lifestyle and body functions.


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