How to Burn More Calories with The Row Machine


Rowing is enjoying a recent surge in popularity, with more and more people turning to it for a full-body workout. Far more than just cardio exercise, rowing works your legs, arms and core. Check out the following tips on how to row your way to a better body, burning an incredible 9 calories per minute.

Make sure the straps on the footpads are properly adjusted so that they fit securely around the instep of your foot. It is important to have your feet stabilized so that they don’t move while you are working out.

The beginning of the stroke when the oar hits the water is known as the catch. During this part of the stroke, your body should be positioned as if it is holding the oars above the water. You should be sitting with bent knees and a straight back with your arms extended. Leaning slightly forward at the hips is acceptable as long as you don’t allow your back to round.

The drive is the portion of the stroke where the blade moves through the water and propels the boat forward. To successfully complete this portion of the stroke on a machine, extend your legs and push backwards through your feet. The seat should slide back along the track.

Avoid using your arms until your legs are nearly fully extended. At that point, sit up straight and pull the handle inward toward your stomach, keeping your elbows close to your sides. When you reach the end of the stroke, your legs should be straight and your elbows should be bent at your sides. The bar should be against your stomach and your shoulders should be positioned a little bit behind your hips.

The recovery portion of the stroke is the exact opposite of what you did during the drive phase. Extend your arms outward and then bend your legs.

The majority of rowing machines have adjustable resistance that is controlled by the amount of air that is allowed into the fan. The setting for the damper usually ranges from about 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest. Most people find that a setting somewhere in the middle is appropriate for getting a great workout.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your elbows should be held at your sides during the entire stroke. Avoid letting them move outward since this causes the arms and shoulders to engage rather than the back muscles.

How To Burn More Calories With The Row Machine

The following four suggestions will help you get the best workout possible while rowing.

* If you notice a pulling sensation in your back, it is because you are relying too much on your upper body and not enough on your legs.

* Hold the bar with an overhand grip. Avoid gripping the bar too tightly, making sure to keep your wrists straight. When you start each stroke, your arms should be completely extended and should be in line with the floor. Never raise your hands higher than your chest as you work out.

* Use controlled breathing, exhaling during the drive portion of the stroke and inhaling as you move through the recovery.

* Avoid rounding your back or slumping forward. This not only keeps your back muscles from working properly but could also result in undue strain or back injuries.


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