Training Tips: Building Super Shoulders


Flex Online says that in order for you to have a superhero physique, you’ve got to exert intensive effort. These physiques don’t happen overnight and it’s certainly not just because of genes.

These are being seriously wielded and constructed by individuals who want to achieve a glorious transformation. Why don’t you start yours?

Super Shoulders

Juan Morel has been hard at work at Bev Francis’ Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, Long Island, sketching out a new and even more imposing physique. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness tells us to go all out for the lateral delts in order to get well-rounded shoulders. Nowadays, it’s rare to see cannonballs hanging off the clavicles of trainees. To get a great physique, it’s essential to work on your lateral delts.

The effect that it’s going to have on your overall physique is exceptional. If you’ve got wider shoulders, your waist appears narrow which leads to an ideal “X”-frame.

Go Wide For Super-Sized Shoulders

When fully developed, there are few things more impressive on the bodybuilder’s physique than big, well-rounded delts. Many trainees own a pair of big arms, or have nice, thick chests, but it’s much more rare to see a couple of “cannonballs” hanging off the clavicles. Read more…

My Protein says that in order to get your shoulders pumped up, you can add these 3 supersets to your routine. This is the most effective way of boosting muscle growth and pack on mass.

These moves are designed to work your shoulders. These sets simply include two exercises executed after the other. You can blow your upper body to the maximum level using these moves.

Super-Sized Shoulders 

Shoulder supersets are a highly underutilised, but effective way of overloading your muscles that can lead to a huge boost in muscle growth. Many struggle to pack on shoulder mass, since they do not work them with the volume that they require. Read more…

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