Build Upper Arm Mass: The Triceps Trifecta Routine


Bryan Haycock from says that you can build serious arm mass if you let this routine guide you. The triceps comprise most of the mass in your upper arm. It’s best to target to stimulate the entire arm. A combination of these exercises serves a great purpose for building stronger upper arms.

Check out the author’s detailed instructions on how to perform this routine workout. You’ll be executing overhead triceps extensions, lying triceps extensions, and pushdowns.

The Trifecta Triceps Workout

Hit all three heads of this beast for terrifying upper arm mass. The triceps make up two-thirds of the total mass of your upper arm. With three heads to target, a combination of exercises serves best to maximally stimulate the entire triceps. Read more…

Coach Dustin Myers for says that the role of the muscle is not fully understood by many weightlifters. There’s a lack of awareness how to train the muscles for size and strength. The author shares three exercises to increase power and strength.

You can follow Coach Myers’ strategy and incorporate these into your own workout. You can combine styles of training as well as the compound movements outlined to get the best results.

Tricep Trifecta: 3 Power Exercises For Tricep & Bench Strength

Despite its obvious role in both size and strength, many weightlifters lack a clear understanding of how to train the triceps for both and still remain injury free. Today I am going to share with you, my three favorite triceps exercises to build power and increase your strength on the bench press. Read more…

Author Jill Fanslau talked to Men’s Health Fitness Director B.J. Gaddour, and he says you may be neglecting one of the three muscles in your workout. How do we stimulate activity for this muscle?

The director said that the long head is different from the two triceps heads because it is attached to your shoulder blades and it is affected by the degree of shoulder flexion. Most people perform exercises only at chest level or below so this part only gets less work than the other two heads.

How to Target Your ‘Forgotten’ Triceps Muscle

What might surprise you, however, is that you probably aren’t working one of those muscles… Read more…

In order to spice it up, check out the video by B.J. Gaddour:


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