Exercises and Tips to Build Full Body Mass


Full body workout is undoubtedly good to build full body mass. It enhances your balance and strength because you’re able to hit several muscle groups in one exercise. You are also able to burn more unwanted fat and calories in less time, so it’s very ideal for people wanting to have shorter workout routines.

For instance, here’s a short routine you can follow on Maxim:

How to Do a Full Body Workout (in 45 Minutes or Less)

One of the biggest struggles about working out is actually finding time to work out. No matter how early you crawl into bed, the blaring sound of that 7:30 AM alarm isn’t enough motivation to roll your ass into a pair of running shoes. In contrast, no one ever wants to go fight over the weights at the gym after a strenuous and meeting-filled day at the office. The solution here is finding the perfect workout that you can squeeze into your day-to-day routine that’ll turn you into the size of Chris Hemsworth without having for you to start paying rent at Planet Fitness. Lucky for you, we have the answer. Read more…

You may have heard the Big 3 from random gym people, and how effective these exercises are in maximizing your gains. Strength and conditioning coach John Krasinski shares this routine on Muscle and Fitness:


Powerlifting’s Big 3 –the squat, bench and deadlift – might just be the ultimate methods for building and testing total body strength. However, these same lifts can be used in a higher-volume training program to develop total body muscular size and improve overall body composition. Those bar-bending loads are great, once you can manage them. But in the meantime, why not start by mastering your bodyweight’s worth of resistance first? In other words, it’s good to strive for new one-rep maxes on these lifts but what about striving for max reps with your bodyweight? Read more…

To really get the most out of your workouts, here are a few final tips on Fitness Republic:

10 Tips For an Intense Full-Body Workout

The most effective workouts are fast and full-body; they burn fat and build muscle at the same time. But no matter what exercises you choose, the key to their efficacy is, and always will be intensity. So how do you make sure your intensity is at the proper level? Here are 10 tips for ensuring your full-body workouts are intense enough to get you results. Read more…

The only problem you may encounter when doing your usual routine to build full body mass is the intensity, as intense exercises may cause fatigue and pain.

But overall, full body workout is a good fit for busy people who barely have the time to visit the gym. It’s very effective in maintaining healthy weight, too. Plus, it’s a game-changer for your old and boring workout routine – all thanks to its challenging nature!


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