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Keeping your body in good shape during winter isn’t easy. The cold weather and extra clothes make the idea of slugging off much more appealing than that of spending hours sweating.

If that wasn’t enough, the weather is simply against you. The cold makes your body crave more calories, as a way to create extra heat, and so does your mind, as the stormy, dark skies and shorter daylight times make those who are much susceptible easily depressed, and thus more prone to eating and snacking.

Trouble is, as spring rolls in, clothes come off and plans for the summer are made. Before you know it, you start counting the days before you hit the beach, and no amount of dieting and intensive gym sessions can make your body look and feel ready in time.

And that is why you need to learn some winter bikini ready tips which will allow you to maintain your shape through the winter, at least partially, so that you can truly enjoy the spring and summer without worrying about your figure.

How You Can Stay Bikini-Ready Throughout Winter

We all dread it. The most terrifying time of the year for our waistlines, gym routines, and gas bills. Yes folks, the long months are upon us. And if you’re like me you may be wanting to go the bear route and bulk up with an extra layer of fat so you can hibernate against the cold, miserable weather. Then before you know it we’ll complain about how we’re leaving for the beach in six weeks and how fat and pasty we look. Here’s how you (and me) are going to stay in bikini shape this winter.

No Days Off

The excuses are plenty. It’s snowing. It’s cold out. I hate running on a treadmill. It doesn’t matter. The biggest obstacle to staying in peak shape over the winter is too many distractions and too much avoidance. On average a person who works out regularly 3 times per week will only average 1 time per week in the gym between November and January. In January, they’re back in and quickly out. We can’t slack off.  Make it a point to NOT MISS your workouts.  And if you do, make it another point to MAKE THEM UP. You’ll be thanking me two weeks out from that spring break time trip.

Cardio is Key

I dated this girl in college that played Division I lacrosse about 4 hours away from me. We started going out in October and we dated until the spring. Over the holidays, I skimped on cardiovascular training. I hit the weights, but “treadmill” was a dirty word in my vocabulary. When I went to see her in the spring, she noticed that I wasn’t exactly “lean.” Needless to say she ditched my not-doing-cardio behind.  This is one of the worst looks that comes from a no-cardio winter…big, boxy, and bulky. To stay lean over the cold months, make sure you work in at least 30 minutes of cardio no less than four times per week.

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Don’t Torture Yourself

The hardest part for the majority of us is being vigilant to our healthy eating plans. The holidays may be behind us, but our newly-acquired eating habits may still be with us. Try to wean yourself into healthy eating by allowing yourself to have a treat. Remember not to overdo it. And you should still be eating about five small meals per day.

Sticking to it, cardio and healthy eating–if you follow that path, you’ll be bikini-weather ready while you’re still in your parka.

Working out during the winter will never be fun, it’s unlikely anyone save from a fitness fanatic will disagree. However, it is a “necessary evil!”, and one which will save you from a lot of trouble in the warmer months.

The key to keeping your shape in winter isn’t in what you do as much as in the fact that you manage to keep doing it, and that’s what these tips are all about – ditching the excuses and keeping motivated even when your bed feels much cozier than a treadmill or exercise mat.

You should remember, however, that exercising alone isn’t enough. As with summer fitness, winter exercise routines should be complemented with a diet which is as healthy as you can handle.

And if you have trouble ditching the extra calories, remember not to beat yourself up – at least you kept trying.

Source: How You Can Stay Bikini-Ready Throughout Winter – Fit Day


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