Strengthen Your Quads With Bike Sprints


If you are looking to grow your muscles the “pump” will help you do just that, bike sprints are the best way to pump up those quads so at the end of leg day why not add some bike sprints for bigger quads?

Regardless of the basic and harmless look of the Airdyne bike it never ceases to put me in my place. I like to push myself till breaking with drop-set leg presses, one hundred rep squats and walking lunges until I drop. Anything there is to try I have tried pump get in my quads from bike sprinting with the Airdyne bike is by far the most intense of them all.

Bike sprints for bigger quads are not necessarily any better than the above mentioned routines but if you really give it your all your quads will get the work out of their lives. Case and point would be a sprint cyclist quads, big cannot even begin to describe them even when compared to other cyclists sprint cyclists are far bigger. If you are an average lifter then bike sprints will add to your training, do these at the end of your exercise routine and they will be beneficial for the growth of your muscles.

There are many ways in which you can execute a bike sprint properly, you can do based on time or distance depending on what you prefer. You want to begin with a distance which places you in in a fifteen to thirty second range and three to four intervals should be performed during each workout, you can then add on by either increasing the amount of intervals per workout or the distance of the sprints, if you are truly looking to push yourself you can increase both. An example of this is as follows: eight rounds twenty seconds on and ten seconds off.

If you do not have access to an Airdyne or Assault bike do not fear, a spinning bike or even a normal bike will work just fine. The tension should be high enough that your legs really feel the pressure but low enough to keep the RPMs high enough that it is more like a sprint and not a grind. Just remember to always add some bike sprints for bigger quads.

See this demonstration video from T Nation below!


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