Basic CrossFit Workouts to Try


CrossFit is a very exciting workout that almost everyone who tried it got so hooked on it. Some say it’s the “jack of all trades” because it offers different challenges in every session. Needless to say, it’s something you may want to try if you’re looking for a way to spice up your routines, while gaining even more muscle.

It combines both cardio and strength, so it’s a win-win. You’re able to save time, which makes it a perfect fit for people who don’t have the luxury of time to work out for hours.

To start, here are five basic CrossFit workouts compiled by Amy Schlinger on the Daily Burn:

5 Beginner-Friendly CrossFit Workouts

It’s nearly impossible to talk about fitness trends without CrossFit entering the conversation. This high-intensity type workout program of constantly varying functional movements has swept the nation, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Read more…

In addition to that, here are 12 more to try, regardless of your fitness level, on Men’s Journal:

12 CrossFit Workouts Anyone Can Do

If you’ve never tried CrossFit, you probably assume the barbell-and-burpee-heavy WODs (it stands for Workout Of the Day) are way out of your fitness range. As a beginner, odds are you’re right. Read more…

Finally, James Sjostrom shares a workout you can do in under 20 minutes, on Men’s Health:

The CrossFit Workout You Have to Try

I’ve owned my CrossFit NRG in Salt Lake City, Utah, since 2008. Whenever I program a workout for my students, I think of it in one of two ways: high-skill or low-skill. Read more…

These basic CrossFit workouts are a must try because they will provide you one hell of a sweaty session, but that’s when you know you’re torching a lot of calories. It also boosts your bone health and overall athletic performance.

It literally pushes yourself to do your best effort in every session, so you’re sure that you’re making the most gains out of it. Plus, it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes of your time!

Note, though, that you should not attempt this workout if you have breathing problems or heart disease without consulting a healthcare professional. It’s a fast-paced, intense workout, so always put your safety above your desire to tone your body.


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