Badass Hamstrings Workout


Strong hamstrings are the bomb – they help you run faster, jump higher, and improve your overall athletic performance. They also promote good posture as they help align your spine properly, and stabilize your hips. Most importantly, they help reduce the risk of leg injuries.

Your risk of leg injuries is very high if you have strong knees and quads but have weak hamstrings, so a good hamstrings workout is essential for an improvement in your overall agility, speed, balance and power. Athlete Mehmet Edip suggests these sets of exercises on Muscle and Fitness:


Hamstrings may not be a glory muscle, and with it being out of sight it can sometimes be out of mind. They are crucial as they help stabilize the knee joint and weak hamstrings can in fact lead to many strains and anterior cruciate ligament (acl) injuries.

And when it comes to hamstring day the guys that do hit this muscle tend to think the only way to train the hamstrings is by virtue of deadlifts but oh contrare as this is not the case. In order to jazz up your hamstring routine and build upon your size and strength try incorporating these moves into your next leg workout: Read more…

According to Fitness RX Women, girls have weaker hamstrings. That said, girls need to target this area more. More information is discussed on this article:

Top 7 Exercises for Hamstring Strength

Women are more quadriceps dominant than men, and therefore tend to have weaker hamstrings. And having weaker hamstrings makes females more prone to knee injury. So, by emphasizing the top seven hamstring exercises provided in this article, you won’t just build sexier, better looking legs – you will also build a stronger, more well-balanced lower body that may be less prone to knee injury. Read more…

Lastly, if you want to maximize your gains in minimum time, it is very possible by following these tips on T-Nation:

4 Tips to Maximize the Glute-Ham Raise

The hamstrings are the most undervalued and underdeveloped muscles in the body.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, your ability to perform explosively and avoid injury will primarily be dictated by how powerful, strong, and well-conditioned your hamstrings are. Read more…

Have your own hamstrings workout – it will also help you develop your other leg muscles. Just imagine being able to run for miles faster, even less fatigue!

Note, though, that hamstrings can possibly get tight and short, so you need to stretch before and after your workouts in order to balance your flexibility in that area.


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