Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to Terminate Ivory Trade


According to a report, about 24,000 African elephants have been shot and killed for their tusks since the start of this year. It’s very alarming, because there are only about 600,000 of them now, compared to roughly 1.3 million in the 1970s. A few years from now the next generations might not be able to see the largest land mammal in the world.

Elephant tusks are sold and used to make ivory, which in turn is used for jewelry, ornaments and more. Some even say it has “medicinal” purposes. Even rhinos have a high demand.

And our dear Arnold Schwarzenegger steps up this time to help terminate ivory trade. Read more in this report by Ian Cohen on Muscle and Fitness:


Poachers are killing about 100 elephants everyday for nothing other than their tusks, and that doesn’t sit well with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a letter written on behalf of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) 96 Elephants campaign, The Terminator sheds light on the harrowing plight of Africa’s remaining elephants and urges taking a stand to help prevent their extinction from the wild. Read more…

The effects of elephant poaching may be left unrecognized at present, but it can be really serious in a few years. For instance, it may affect Africa’s tourist attraction, making a huge economic decline to the country. Like any other animals, African elephants may become extinct. This in turn will leave the ecosystem unbalanced.

They are actually the ones that dig holes for the other animals to have water sources, even make trails that act as firebreaks or water runoffs.

So one innocent elephant is killed every 20 minutes just for their tusks? That’s enough reason to terminate ivory trade. Sign the petition here.

Image Credit: Arnold Looks to Terminate Ivory Trade – Muscle and Fitness


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