6 Ways You Can Sculpt Your Arms For Summer


This ideal routine works on your biceps and your triceps. It’s ideal for full arm development. You’ll be able to do this routine alone or in combination with other exercises for the rest of your body.

We’ve selected these specific exercises to help define and sculpt your arms. They focus below your biceps as well as above your biceps and can give you the needed oomph to help your biceps peak. They also place emphasis on your triceps and you’ll be able to make your horseshoe pop. When you choose to work your biceps and triceps two to three times per week, you’ll find  that you’re making great progress.

Preacher Barbell Curl

Muscles Targeted: Biceps Brachii

Setup: Adjust the bench for preacher curl so that the top of the bench sits directly underneath of your armpits. Holding the barbell with both of your hands, extend your arms.

Action: Now, bend your elbows and ensure that your arms are staying in contact with the padding. Curl until you begin to feel the bicep contract. Lower your arms and repeat.

Tip: Many try a staggered stance to help with stability.


Muscles Targeted: Triceps Brachii

Setup: Lying faceup on a flat bench, take a narrow overhand grip on the barbell.

Action: Carefully raise the arms above the chest and bend at the elbow to pull the weight toward the head. Repeat this action.

Tip: Lower the barbell behind the head for an even bigger stretch.

Concentration Curl

Muscles Targeted: Brachialis, biceps brachii

Setup: Sitting on the bench with feet widely planted. Grab the dumbbell with one hand and place your arm just above the elbow against the inside of the thigh on the same side.

Action: Flex the arm to bring weight toward the chest. Complete the set and switch arms. Repeat this action.

Tip: It’s easy to lean forward and round the back, but this isn’t the proper way to do this exercise.

One-Arm Dumbbell Kickback

Muscles Targeted:  Triceps Brachii

Setup: Put one knee and one hand on the bench. Bend the shoulder and elbow to bring the upper arm into alignment with the floor.

Action: Extend the arm to bring the dumbbell from behind and then return to the beginning of the exercise. Complete the set and repeat with the opposite arm.

Tip: Keep the upper arm still as it is extended.

Prone Incline Curl

Muscles Targeted: Biceps Brachii, Brachialis

Setup: Sitting backward on the incline bench, set the bench angle to 60 degrees.

Action: Hold the weights in each hand and curl upward together at the same time. Lower them and repeat this step.

Tip: Be sure to angle the seat for comfort.

One-Arm Reverse-Grip Pressdown

Muscles Targeted: Triceps Brachii (both medial and lateral heads)

Setup: Standing at the cable machine, hold the D handle set up high with one underhand grip.

Action: Tuck the elbow close to the side. Extend the arm until it’s straight. Complete the set and repeat with the other arm.

Tip: Try this with two hands with a straight bar.


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