4 Effective Body Fat Blasters


Everyone has body fat, and everyone want to have less. But how can you accomplish this while still being able to perform well and be healthy? You might be surprised by the answer.

If you are a typical active woman, then your body-fat level probably ranges somewhere from 14 to 24 percent. So what is the main difference between one woman having 15 percent body fat and another woman having 22 percent? Dietary differences is the natural assumption that we make. Perhaps the first woman eats a super clean diet on a 24/7 basis, while the other one eats desserts and drinks a glass of wine a couple of times a week. However, nutrition is just one factor in the equation. With a bit of determination and lots of willpower, anyone can use diet to lose body fat. However, over the long run, you can achieve maintaining a lean body through strength training.

It Is Your Decision To Make.

When you have more muscle mass, it boosts your metabolism, since more calories need to be burned to support and maintain the cells. However, let’s view strength training from a new angle instead of from the regular gym box, where the composition of your body is determined by what type of strength training you perform. Tailoring your program so that it focuses on synergistic compound strength, power and performance may be key to losing those last couple of percentage points.

If you are attempting to balance specific muscle groups or work on stubborn parts, bodypart training is very effective. However, working just one group of muscles at a time isn’t metabolically very taxing. The following four training principles are effective body fat blasters and are the key to reaching your own potential when it comes to sculpting a capable and strong body.

1. Perform Bodyweight Exercises

When you are capable of moving your own body weight, it makes you leaner in addition to making you a superior athlete. Multiple muscle groups are incorporated by bodyweight exercises in addition to training your reaction time, agility and balance. The more muscles you are able to work, the more calories you are likely to burn. The faster you go, the more calories you will burn. The quicker and more agile you become, the more calories you are able to burn. (Are you starting to see a pattern here?) One unique thing about bodyweight exercises is that you can perform them for very high or low numbers of reps to create a fat-loss, metabolic, hypertrophy or strength effect, depending on what rep range you use.

Take action: Your bodyweight moves should be performed before your strength workout in order to warm your muscles up and train movement patterns. They can also be added at the end of your strength workout, in the form of high reps for encouraging hypertrophy.

2. Power Up

Power lifting and compound moves are among the most effective for building strength. Strength is very important for losing fat. The European Journal of Applied Physiology published research that shows that the stronger you are, the more intense your exercising will be, and the higher your energy consumption will be both inside the gym as well as outside of it. The more muscle mass that you have, the greater the number of calories you will burn. As a result, you will lose more fat. Compound and power lifting moves build muscle naturally.

Take action: If big lifting movements isn’t something you have a lot of experience with, have a certified professional walk you through the process. There are specific and definite techniques that you should apply to achieve the gains you want and make sure your body is kept safe. After you have familiarized yourself with the lifts, incorporate them into your routine so that they are appear in the beginning part of your workouts while you still have the most energy and are the freshest. Over several months, slowly build in weight training exercises so that your connective tissues and joints are protected.

3. Jump To It

To target your fast-twitch muscle fibers, incorporate explosive athletic movements like Olympic lifts (clean-and-jerk and snatch), throws and jumps into your workouts. According to research published in Sports Science Review and ACM Exercise, they are the strongest and largest muscle fibers in your body, improve insulin sensitivity, metabolize the most energy and improve your ability for burning stored body fat.

The professional powerlifting Jennifer Petrosino, CSCS, says that explosive training causes adrenaline to be released, which triggers thermogenesis hormonally. It results in lower levels of body fat and increases in strength and muscle.

Take action: one or two of your workouts every week should be dedicated to explosive training like Olympic lifting or plyometrics. Since it is so demanding, leave two days at least in between those types of workouts to allow yourself enough time for a full recovery. If you aren’t familiar with this type of lifting, get a professional to demonstrate proper technique to you so that you stay safe.

4. Train For Speed

Have you ever run across a fat sprinter? I didn’t think you had. According to recent research, sprint training done three times a week can cause as much as an 8 percent reduction in body fat, and it can increase muscle mass and decrease waist circumference according to a Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology report. Athletes training for speed work at a very high intensity that they are in a constant state of EPOC_ excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Carbs and body fat are constantly being mobilized by their bodies for fuel, which boosts thermogenesis for several hours after training.

Take action: Look for a local track. Before working out, be sure to perform a through warm-up of mobility work, dynamic stretching for 5 to 10 minutes. Sprint two times a week, and have two rest days in between your workouts at least. Push yourself hard on each sprint, and then rest long enough until you fully recover before performing the next sprint.

Performing these 4 effective body fat blasters on a consistent basis will help you burn fat and achieve your weight loss goals.

4 Effective Body Fat Blasters


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